Label printers XD4T
For double-sided printing

It prints double-sided on textile materials, cardboard labels, pressed tubes, continuous or ready-for-use, as well as on continuous synthetic, paper or cardboard materials.

A drive roller enables the materials to be separated from the ribbon and furthermore improves the accuracy and precision in a print.

No adjustment of print head for different widths of material.
Print rollers for narrow and slim materials.
Operation and control are compatible with the A+ series.
For single-sided printing with centered material positioning and drawing roller please go to label printer A4+T.

Label printer XD4T
Printable resolution dpi 203 300
Print width up to mm 108 105,7
Print speed up to mm/s 127 102

Accessories for label printer XD4T

Used to cut paper labels, self-adhesive labels, cardboard, textile or synthetic materials as well as heat shrink tubes.

Perforation cutter
Enables the perforation of the material for later manual separation.

Stacker with cutter
Printed materials are cut and stacked. The print job is stopped as soon as the maximum stack height is reached. Even stiff or curved materials may be processed. We recommend to have your material tested at our facilities.

Print rollers for small and thin materials
Outside the material width the printhead rubs against the print rollers. By using small print rollers feeding errors and wear on print head and print roller due to rubbing are avoided. Three different standard widths are available from stock.

Technical details

1) Wide graphic display
White backlight for optimum readability.

2) No print head adjustment
The print head is pressed down by two toggles. Due to centered material positioning there is no need to do print head adjustments and settings.

3) Material guide
High printing accuracy as the material positioning is located directly behind the print roller. Width adjustment with a single knob. The additional drive roller enables the material to be separated from the ribbon.

4) Separator
Preferred application with continuous and textile materials as well as pressed tubes. The transfer tape may stick with the textile tape after the printing. With a drive roller, the material is separated from the ribbon. In addition, the accuracy of impression is improved.

5) Peripheral connection
Add-on modules such as cutter, perforation cutter and stacker are easy to connect.

6) Solid metal chassis
Die-cast aluminium. All components are mounted on it.

7) Anti-static brush
Particularly in case of plastic materials electrostatics is discharged after printing.

8) Ribbon holder
Simple, centered insertion of the ribbon with three-part tightening axles. Imprinted rule simplifies ribbon positioning.

9) Roll holder
Available for core diameters starting 38 mm (76 mm adaptors for improved label winding are provided). The material is automatically centered. The spring-mounted margin stop ensures constant tension during feeding, thus ensuring high printing accuracy.

Overview technical data A+ and X series (PDF)

standard Standard     Optionally

Label printer XD4T
Print head
Print method thermal transfer standard
Print method: thermal direct
Print resolution dpi 300
Print speed up to mm/s 125
Print width mm 105.6
Material Paper, cardboard, textile, plastics
Labels or continuous materials on rolls or fanfold standard
Labels on reel standard
Material thickness mm / weight g/m2 0.05-0.8 / 60-300
Width labels1) mm 10 – 110
Width liner mm 10-110
Width continuous material mm 4-110
Width continuous heat shrink tube mm 4-85
Label height1) without back-feed from mm 20
Height<1) up to mm 2,000
Media roll outer diameter up to mm 300
Media rol: core diameter mm 38-100
Media roll: winding Outer or inner
Ink side Outer or inner
Roll diameter up to mm 72
Core diameter mm 25
Variable length up to m 360
Width2) up to mm 114
Dimensions and weights
Height mm 395
Depth mm 554
Width mm 248
Weight kg 21
Label sensor
Gap sensor For leading edge or punch marks and end of material
Reflective sensor from bottom/optionally from top For print marks
Distance center to the left mm 0-53
Processor 32 bit clock rate MHz 266
Main storage (RAM) MB 64
IFFS printer memory MB Flash 8
Plug-in Compact Flash Type I standard
Plug-in WLAN card standard
Battery buffer for real-time clock standard
Acoustic error signal standard
Centronics according to IEEE 1284
RS232 C
USB 2.0 hi-speed slave for PC standard
Ethernet 10/100 Base T, LPD-, RawIP-, FTP-Printing, DHCP, HTTP, SMTP, SNMP, TIME, Zeroconf, mDNS, SOAP standard
Peripheral connection standard
2xUSB hosts for external operation panel, keyboard, scanner, service key, USB stick standard
Operating data
Power supply 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, PFC
Power consumption W 100-300 depending on type of printer
Temperature humidity operation 5-40°C/10-85% not condensing
Temperature/humidity stock 0-60°C/20-80% not condensing
Temperature/humidity transport –25-60°C/20-80% not condensing
Approvals CE, FCC class A, CB, CCC, UL

For more technical data please read the product brochure (PDF)

  1. Limitations may apply to small labels, thin materials or strong adhesives. These applications need to be tested and approved.
  2. Ribbon according to label width in order to avoid folding.