Workwear is used for many hours and is often in washing machines and dryers. Items should retain its form and colour for a long time and maintain its varied functions long term – even after frequent wear and the many washes that result from this.
Track and trace barcode labels when workwear is prepared in commercial laundries, processes like sorting to specific washing and drying procedures must be followed.
As the washing procedures in commercial laundries are much more complex than those in domestic laundry, each laundry uses individual washing procedures, results can differ substantially between them.
The different treatment conditions in industrial laundries compared to domestic laundry primarily result from the size of the machine, the organisation of the washing procedure, the use of detergents and auxiliary agents and efficient drying methods placing great demands on the label.

Heat seal labels on to uniforms to track and trace.

Before RFID took hold on uniform tracking, barcoding was the main semi-automated solution for uniform and laundry management systems. Even though RFID provides much more efficient and automated tracking, barcode solutions are still used in many industries such as in hotels, for uniform and linen inventory management as well as in commercial dry cleaner facilities.

Barcode solutions are a great option for low volume, low cost deployments for smaller entities, mainly because the hardware component costs are much lower. The labels are typically less costly than RFID tags and barcode scanners are cheaper than RFID readers.

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The biggest challenge that faces the hospitality industry is the growing cost of linen supplies and the difficulty of managing the inventory of bed sheets, tablecloths, towels, bathrobes, uniforms, hampers and other washable garments.
Heat and steam proof labels to track hospital linen. Linen security is now a becoming a high profile concern. The high cost of cotton has made all kinds of linen a very attractive target for the thief. Traceability is becoming increasingly important. Being able to validate information relating to an item helps to improve security.
Some of the issues that increase expenditure include theft, damage to items, invoicing discrepancies and others. Hotels, parks, cruise ships, casinos, resorts, arenas and related businesses worldwide have a limited idea of how much these are costing them, especially since they have a hard time keeping track of where each garment is at any particular time. Keeping track of the work flowing into and out of the laundry is just as important as the laundry process itself.