Dynamic ID Systems manufactures labels and label or tag printers for barcode marking of cut flowers for local and international distribution.

Growers of nursery plants need identifiers to market and sell plants through retail outlets and provide traceable information of origin and planting instructions. Tags and labels need to adhere and remain intact through the entire supply chain.

Identifying, capturing and sharing information about the movement of products and the digitalisation of everyday business processes not only enhances interoperability between stakeholders but creates a highly efficient, sustainable and collaborative logistics environment. Cut flowers and foliage are subject to various legal and non-legal requirements. Satisfying basic buyer requirements and legal requirements is a must for exporters to the European market, but additional efforts also offer opportunities. 

Recommended labeling material: 
  • DAKUZA TAG’S: Wood free coated board for economical tag applications.
  • DURA TYVEK: Tear resistant spun bonded olefin for horticultural labels and tags .

Find the right label in our DURAFLEX, DURATAG and PAPER Products for box labeling.