Label printers MACH1/MACH2
for desktop applications

Reliable 4“ desktop printers in proven technology
With the MACH1/MACH2 cab completes its printer range in the lower price segment:

  • Ideal for small to medium-volume printing
  • For thermal transfer and direct thermal printing
  • MACH1 with control buttons and LED display, MACH2 with coloured LCD display and navigator pad
  • Printable resolutions 200 dpi or 300 dpi for both printer types
  • Processing of label widths up to 118 mm
  • The solid double-walled construction allows printing in all areas.

Overview types label printers MACH1/MACH2

MACH1 with control buttons and LED display

1.1 Label printer MACH1
Printable resolution dpi 203 300
Print width up to mm 108 105,7
Print speed up to mm/s 127 102

MMACH2 with coloured LCD display and navigator pad

1.2 Label printer MACH2
Printable resolution dpi 203 300
Print width up to mm 108 105,7
Print speed up to mm/s 177 127

Fields of application

Business area Applications
Office/authorities Information and warning labels, inventory labels
Production Product labels, protocol, certification and test labels
Healthcare Labels for patient admission, blood banks
Trading Product labels, pricing
Warehouse Labels for storage location, shelf labeling
Transport/logistics Address and shipping labels, incoming goods
Events Labels for events in sports and schools, tickets


The MACH1/2 can be opened up widely to insert the ribbon and the label roll (1). Adjustment of different materials via a calibration button without loss of time.

The multi-language colour display (2) and the cab navigator pad (3) of MACH2 are logically structured and intuitively operable for the user.

A total of four interfaces (including Ethernet) (4) offer flexibility and fast device connection.

Software and printer drivers
Besides a cab Windows driver each device is provided with the cablabel S3 software which allows creating label formats of all kinds. Via the integrated real-time clock the labels can be signed with the current date and time.

Materials and accessories
The MACH1/2 rely on standard ribbons with 1“ core and a length of 300 m. The maximum outer diameter for the label roll to be inserted in centered position is 127 mm.

Accessories such as the cutter, the present sensor and the external unwinder allow universal use of the low-maintenance compact printers.

standard Standard     Option 1.1 1.2
Label printer MACH1 MACH2
Print head
Printing method Thermal transfer, direct thermal
Printable resolution dpi 203 300 203 300
Print width up to mm 108 105.7 108 105.7
Print speed  up to mm/s 127 102 177 127
Material 1)
Paper, cardboard, plastics
continuous material on a roll or fanfold
standard standard
Width Labels mm 25 – 112
Width Liner
Width continuous material mm
25 –118
Label height at least mm 4
Label height up to mm 1,727 762 1,727 762
Thickness mm 0.06 – 0.2
Weight g/m2 60 – 160
Roll Outer diameter up to mm 127
Roll Core diameter mm 25.4 – 38.1
Winding Outside or inside
Ink side Outside or inside
Roll diameter up to mm 68
Core diameter mm 25.4
Variable length up to m 300
Width mm 25 –114
Printer size and weights
Width x Height x Depth mm 210 x 186 x 280
Weight kg 2.7 3
Label sensor with position indication
Gap sensor Fixed at center
Reflective sensor from below Adjustable
Storage Flash MB 16
Storage SDRAM MB 8
(4 MB for the application)
Battery for current date/time, real-time clock standard standard
R232C standard standard
USB for PC connection standard standard
Ethernet standard standard
USB Host standard
Operation panel
Buttons  Feed standard standard
Buttons  On/offrE standard standard
Buttons  Material sensor calibration standard standard
LEDs     Ready standard
LEDs     Statusr standard
Colored TFT display with navigator pad standard
Operating data
Power supply 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, PFC
Power consumption up to W 60
Temperature / humidity Operation: +5 – 40°C/30 – 85 %, not condensing
Temperature / humidity Storage: -20 – 50°C/10 – 90 %, not condensing
Temperature / humidity Transport: -25 – 60°C/20 – 80 %, not condensing
Approvals CE, FCC, CCC, CB, UL, KCC

For more technical data please read the product brochure (PDF)

  1. Limitations may apply to small labels, thin materials or strong adhesives. These applications need to be tested and approved.


cutting height between labels at least 30 mm

Present sensor

label height at least 25 mm

External unwinder

for roll diameters up to 250 mm

MACH1/MACH2: Loading labels
MACH1/MACH2: Cleaning print head
MACH1/MACH2: Cleaning print roller