Duraflex Economy

Duraflex Economy

  • Duraflex Economy offers excellent initial tack and final adhesion on polar surfaces like steel, aluminium, ABS or polyester.
  • Compliance: UL recognized acc. To UL969 and CSA recognised acc. To C22.2 No. 0.15
  • Approvals: REACh compliant and RoHS compliant.
  • Chemical resistance no change on Brake fluid, Engine Oil, Diesel, Distilled water, Dish washing agent and Bleach.
  • Service Temperatures: there is no significant change visible on glass from -40°C to +150°C.
  • The top-coat PET film provides excellent TTR printing results.
  • Specially designed to provide outstanding adhesion on polar surfaces like glass, steel, and or ABS. Excellent temperature and chemical resistance.
  • As the adhesive needs time to cure, we recommend waiting at least 24h after dispensing the labels to the substrate before proceeding with any performance tests.
  • Composition: Radiation – cured UV – Acrylic.
  • Testing conditions:

Stainless Steel: 21.8 N/25mm
ABS: 25.3 N/25mm
Polypropylene: 6.5 N/25mm
HDPE: 9.1 N/25mm
Polyester: 17.6 N/25mm
Lacquered Panel: 12.7 N/25mm
Powder coated panel: 14.0 N/25mm
Tack min: 17N FTM9 on glass


Product is white with high transparent glassine backing paper.
Substance: 64g/m² ISO536
Caliper: 56µm ISO534
Tensile strength MD: 7.5kN/m ISO1924
Transparency: 51% DIN53147

  • For use as barcode labels, name plates, warning, instructions or identification labels wherever a durable and dependable long term solution on a high surface energy substrate is required: electronic components, domestic and industrial machines like hand held electronics, housing, white goods, computer equipment, power tools and garden machinery.
  • Excellent heat, chemical and UV resistance assure resilient adhesion for the life cycle of products in a variety of challenging conditions.

Printability: Flexography, screen and letterpress. Special inks designed for non-absorbent materials should be used.


From the date of manufacturing: 2 years at +50°C and 50% RH.

  • Our recommendations are based on our most current knowledge and experience. As our products are used in conditions beyond our control, we cannot assume liability for damage caused through their use.