Tube labeling system AXON 2
Labeling tubes reliably in real time

Tube labeling system AXON 2

In order to evaluate analysis reliably and quickly, tubes must be labeled uniquely.

In practice, 2D codes or linear barcodes are printed on self-adhesive labels and the labels are applied on the tubes.

Print resolutions of 300 or 600 dpi, a sharp-edge print image and high contrast enable even tiny 2D codes to be verified. Thermal direct and thermal transfer printing are possible.

AXON 2 suits for labeling tubes individually as a manual workstation or integrated in sample processing systems

Tubes of diameters 10 to 17 mm can be processed, capped or uncapped. Printing and labeling take less than two seconds. After the tubes have been labeled, they can be removed one by one or be ejected to a tray. Self-explanatory symbols enable intuitive operation. The label roll and the ribbon are easy to remove.

If it comes to cleaning or in cases of wear, print rollers and transport rollers can be removed easily by the operator with the help of a tool attached. AXON 2 may be integrated in a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Data transfer from a PC is possible via interfaces such as RS232, USB, Ethernet, or via WLAN.

In stand-alone operation, when no PC is connected, variable data are set with a keyboard or a scanner. Power may be supplied by 110 to 240 VAC voltage or 36 to 60 VDC voltage, 24 VDC on request.

Details on tube labeling

1) Stop
With the help of spacers assembled to the tightening axles, slim ribbons can be set easily.

2) Slim print rollers
In order to achieve accurate imprint on small labels, slim print rollers are needed. These prevent from roller wear, print head contamination and errors during label feed.

3) Peel-off function
Labels are guided over a deflection roller to be applied reliably on the tubes.

4) Transport rollers
They apply the labels on the tubes. Three types are provided for different tubes.

5) Wipe-down rollers
During labeling, they press the tubes to the transport rollers.

6) Pivot arms
They are set according to the length of a tube and the position of the label.

7) Material replacement
Pivoting the applicator allows labels and ribbon to be inserted.

Tube labeling system AXON 2
Material guide centered
Printing method Thermal transfer typical typical typical
Printing method Thermal direct typical possible
Printable resolution dpi 300 300 600
Print speed mm/s 150 150 150
Print width up to mm 108,4 105,7 105,7
Tubes Orientation during labeling horizontal
Tubes Diameter mm 10 – 17
Tubes Length capped mm 38 – 105
Tubes Conicity (change of diameter) up to % 0,8
Labels Material Paper, plastics PP, PC
Labels Width mm 10 – 56
Labels Height from 15
Labels Roll diameter up to mm 205
Labels Core diameter mm 38 – 76
Labels Winding outside
Liner material width up to mm 60
Ribbon Ink side outside or inside
Ribbon Roll diameter up to mm 80
Ribbon Core diameter mm 25
Ribbon Variable length up to m 450
Ribbon Width mm 25–114
Printer sizes and weight
Width x Height x Depth mm 252 x 288 x 520
Weight approx. kg 12
RS232 C 1,200 to 230,400 baud/8 Bit
USB 2.0 Hi-speed device to connect a PC
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s
1 x USB host on the operation panel for Service Key, USB memory stick
1 x USB host on the operation panel for USB WLAN stick 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n
2 x USB host on the back of the device for keyboard, barcode scanner, USB Bluetooth adaptor, USB WLAN stick
Digital I/O interface providing 8 inputs and outputs   Option
Operating data
Power supply 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, PFC   standard
36 – 60 VDC   Option     24 VDC on request
Power consumption Standby < 10 W / typical 100 W
Temperature/humidity: Operation +5 – 40 °C / 10 – 85 %, not condensing
Temperature/humidity: Stock 0 – 60 °C / 20 – 85 %, not condensing
Temperature/humidity: Transport –25 – 60 °C / 20 – 85 %, not condensing
Approvals CE, FCC Class A, ICES-3, cULus, CB
Operation panel
Coloured LCD touch display Screen diagonal “ 4,3
Colored LCD touch display Resolution W x H px 272 x 480