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AXON - Labeling pharmaceutical test tubes

High Technology

OPC UA for smart factories

High Quality Standards

Specification sheets for all our products


We provide traceability solutions to customers who place high demands on label performance.


Our range includes stand alone printers, mobile printers, automatic print and apply system and marking lasers.


We have label materials ranging from papers, tags, satin, taffeta and specialty films for durable applications.


Our bureau printing service is availability to print labels for our for our lower volume clients.


We continue to provide tracking systems to industry that has reliable and meaningful content.

We provide well-engineered, quality products to ensure barcode production that scans first time, every time.


We have experience and multiple installations in all the manufacturing industries listed below. Choose an industry suited to your requirements.
Agricultural Industry
Fertiliser’s  |  Animal feed  |  Fruit and Vegetables
Sawmills  Plant Nurseries  |  Flower Industry
Beverage Industry
Label bottles | Shrink wrap labels | Box Labels
Shipping Labels
Chemical Industry
Label drums Chemical resistant labels
Ensure GHS Compliance
Cosmetic Industry
Full colour packaging | Barcode labels
Pallet labelsShipping labels
Electronics & Telecoms
Serial number labels |  Warranty Labels
Heat resistant  Barcode labels
Food Industry
Fruit and Vegetable labels | Food labels
Freezable labels Packaging LabelsPallet labels
Manufacturing & Industrial
Labels for harsh environments
Barcode labels  Serial number labels
Grease resistant labels
Pharmaceuticals Industry
Barcode Labels | Test tube labeling
All pharmaceutical labels | Cryogenic labels
Security Industry
Security label  | Warranty labels  Void Labels
Holographic labels
Textile Industry
Tickets | Tags | Care labels  |  Tracking Solutions
Retail labels   Barcode labels
Fresh Fruit & Veg
Expiry date labels | Weight labelsTraceability labels
Retail labels  |  Barcode labels
Tags | Plant sticks | Waterproof labels
Retail labels  |  Barcode labels


There is a solution for every requirement, for over 40 years cab technology has been developing and manufacturing solutions and accessories for product marking. The product range includes label printers, print and apply systems, label dispensers and laser marking systemsProduct marking – Made in Germany.

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