Dynamic ID Systems manufactures labels and label or tag printers for marking plants. Growers of nursery plants need identifiers to market and sell plants through retail outlets and provide traceable information of origin and planting instructions.

Water resistant tags and labels are required to stick and remain intact through the entire supply chain. Nursery, horticultural, plant or forestry seedlings can be identified and tracked for growth, disease and cutting. Labels and tags should withstand weather conditions over long periods of time.

We supply in the most cost effective and reliable materials for nursery plants.

  • Rigid, stick labels– These are suited to pot plants, fertilisers or seed trays.
  • Slip-on tags– These plastic tags slip over themselves to fasten and will remain in place despite all weather conditions. Thermal printing onto the tags will provide professional identification of plant types which cannot be removed, and won’t fade over time. These are suited to a variety of flowering plants or bushes, are very easy to fasten and extremely durable.
  • Hang tags– This clever design allows for a tag to easily hang onto the branch of a tree, stem of a flowering plant or attach itself to any hanging pot plant for easy identification. Once again, the tag can use thermal printing to prevent any weathering or fading.
  • Adhesive labels– These are particularly strong labels designed in a tough material using an aggressive adhesive and top-coated face stock to resist water and sunlight. They can be applied to smooth, damp surfaces which make them perfect for labeling pot plants or seed trays.
  • Tree wraps-The printed tree wrap which wraps around the plant and adheres to itself. These can be printed in a variety of colours, with a company logo or message clearly printed.
  • Tree tags– Identifying various species, used by government departments, researchers, farmers and landscapers and come in a variety of materials and sizes.
Recommended labeling material: 
  • DAKUZA TAG’S: Wood free coated board for economical tag applications.
  • DURA TYVEK: Tear resistant spun bonded olefin for horticultural labels and tags .

Find the right label in our DURAFLEX, DURATAG and PAPER PRODUCTS for box labeling.