Dynamic ID Systems manufactures labels and label printers for marking bags and containers for the production of animal feeds.
Legislation in the animal feed industry requires that producers clearly mark all feeds with identifiers containing information regarding ingredients including antibiotics or any additives. These labels are often sewn onto bags in dusty silo environments and must withstand weather and transportation conditions.
Our labels are weather, UV and moisture resistant and can endure long periods of rough handling.
From bag filing to shrink wrapping and palletising, Dynamic ID has a label to provide clear readable text and barcodes.

Label information
The specific requirements for label contents vary among the different classes of feed, but ultimately all animal feed labels should display the following information in the prescribed order:

• Trade and product names.
• Type of animal feed / purpose statement.
• Registration number and reference to Act current act.
• Guaranteed analysis statement.
• Quantity or nett weight statement.
• Ingredient statement.
• Feeding directions for safe and efficient use, including warning statements where applicable.
• Name and address of the manufacturer or distributor (registration holder).
• Batch number and manufacturing, expired or best-before dates.

Recommended labeling material: 
  • DAKUZA TAG’S: Wood free coated board for economical tag applications.
  • DURA TYVEK: Tear resistant spun bonded olefin for horticultural labels and tags .

Find the right label in our DURAFLEX, DURATAG and PAPER PRODUCTS for box labeling.