Dynamic ID Systems manufactures labels and label printers for pharmaceutical industry.

The Healthcare Industry is heavily mandated to identify and code medical devices and pharmaceutical products and packaging. Manufacturers are required to code directly on an item, the packaging, or both. The specifics of the code are often driven by industry regulations.
Most common applications include a batch code and an expiry date. Recent trends toward anti-counterfeiting add another level of complexity to coding requirements such as serialisation, use of UV inks, cryogenic marking and covert coding.

Barcodes link multiple samples to one specific patient. Traceability barcoding needs to apply to a wide variety of packaging sizes, shapes, and substrates while keeping high speed production lines moving with seamless integration of labeling and coding information integrated into Management Software.

Traceability of products also enables immediate response should a recall be initiated.

Our label materials have specification sheets to select the correct label for your application. We supply cryogenic labels for freezing samples. We offer a complete line of custom solutions used in a wide range of applications from tamper evident materials to high security bespoke labels.

Recommended labeling materials: 
  • Suitable for freezing
  • DURAFLEX ULTRA HT: Polyimide film withstands intermittent heat up to 398 Degrees
  • Resistant to high temperatures for autoclave sterilisation
  • SECUREX DESTRUCT: Polyethylene with properties that allow easy destruction
  • SECURE SILVER VOID: Metabolised polyester film which becomes permanently non-functional after removal is attempted
  • Suitable for patient and sample identification

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