Dynamic ID Systems manufactures labels and label printers for food production which is among the fastest growing global industrial sectors.

Production in the baking operation is a process which requires constant, smooth running. The food industry, which includes dairy, meat, poultry and bakery products, is highly regulated. The industry is required to keep track of information about consumable products to ensure they are safe, handled correctly and comply with both local and international regulations.

We at Dynamic ID Systems have the right label selection that will endure heat and moisture and still scan correctly. The Food service supply chain is known to be complex, dynamic and consumer driven, but with the help of GS1 standards, the process becomes simplified. GS1 enables users to speak a common language and begin to share trusted information, which allows for stronger communication between trading partners, ultimately benefiting the consumer.

Recommended labeling materials: 
  • DURAFLEX AGRI: Meets the FDA 175.105 requirements for direct contact with dry and moist non-fatty food stuffs.
  • DURAFLEX ICE: Polypropylene film that can sustain temperatures from -5 degrees.
  • DURATAG FILM: High tear resistant material for tie on tags for food stuff and cold conditions which is also used in fisheries and butcheries.

Find the right label in our: DURAFLEX and PAPER product group