Dynamic ID Systems manufactures labels and label printers for marking containers and bags for the packaging of fruits and vegetables.
Traceability of fruit is not only legislated but also imperative for the marketing and export of fresh produce, to track the product from origin or grower to final distribution to supermarkets nationally and globally creating unique challenges in packing houses.
Speed and reliability of labeling is essential. Our printers can integrate with scales for weight information and upgrade to automatic print and apply for large and small operations.

We provide labels that are approved for direct contact with edible products and all label materials have specification sheets for correct selection. Our label equipment provide labels are GS1 complaint and scan easily with most commercial scanning devises.

Recommended labeling material: 
  • DAKUZA TAG’S: Wood free coated board for economical tag applications.
  • DURA TYVEK: Tear resistant spun bonded olefin for horticultural labels and tags .

Find the right label in our DURAFLEX, DURATAG and PAPER PRODUCTS for box labeling.